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noleftturnx asked: picture of...your family. All of you (including hubby). But to make it fun, self-timer picture with all of your backs to the camera. So like a reverse family photo. That way, we see you but we don't. :) If you can get your pets too cooperate (good luck with the tiny fuzzy one), that would be awesome. Yes, I'm weird.

LOL! there was no way I could accomplish this task… but I did manage 3 kids, 2 (out of 4) critters & myself. :)

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reveureterrant asked: A picture of your favorite book(s)? Or a picture of your library, if you have one. I'm always curious to see what other people's book tastes are like.

I don’t really have a favorite. But I volunteer at our local library sorting donated books for resale… which means I bring home way more books than I have shelves. Here is what is on the shelf though. Also fun fact about the legos on my top shelf, I have a rule that if left on the floor and I step on the kids mini figures, they come to live with me for a while… I am getting a pretty good collection ;)

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miranda-jayne asked: Photo of the toy/item/possession you've owned for the longest.

vintage winnie the pooh that used to be my moms. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember… he has been well loved over the years  :)

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drinkingcastleskoolaid asked: Favorite shoes and why?

technically not my shoes, they belong to my oldest daughter, but since I am the one who decorated them and as luck would have it I wear the same size shoe as her, I can steal them ;)

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